Hot Weather Planning

By Christina LeeSpecial to The GazetteThe summer heat has a way of wearing down any worries and cares of city residents, making a road trip sound so appealing.However, before any engines can be revved, residents must remember that the heat can also bring wear and tear to their vehicles.‘‘The heat in the summer, in a lot of ways, is worst that the cold in the winter,” said Albert Kreis, manager of A & A Automotive in Frederick.Luckily, combating its effects is not very difficult. Minor and regular procedures can better ensure a safe, enjoyable road trip.A car’s liquid coolants or antifreeze levels require special attention. Because of the increase in use of air conditioning and time spent on the highway, lowering levels of coolants or antifreeze will cause the car to overheat and break down, said Darlene Valderson, a manager of Family Auto Repair Inc. in Frederick.Checking on coolants or antifreeze levels, along with replacing worn hoses, are the two more important procedures to take care of this summer, said Kreis.In addition, a road trip can easily be put to a stop because of worn tires. The summer heat dries tires out, causing them to wear down a little more quickly, said Mark Reynolds, manager of Carriage House Automotive.Reynolds points out though that the Maryland climate should not pose as much danger to the tires as the climates in other areas would.‘‘It doesn’t get as hot here as it does in the West,” he said. ‘‘You can actually fry eggs on the roads because they become so hot.”Brake fluid changes are also a necessary procedure that needs to be done every couple of years. The brake system produces a lot of heat by itself, so as the temperature outside increases, the effectiveness of the brake fluid decreases.Even a car’s aesthetic qualities may need a little more attention. The heat and sunlight causes the paint’s color to fade and the clear coating to flake. The remedy is a simple wax, said Reynolds.All in all, the summer heat stresses the motor and the rest of the car components in a factor greater than that of other seasons. Getting regular procedures is strongly encouraged.‘‘The weak links… tend to go at this time,” said Kreis. News source: The Gazette