Preventing Auto RepairsYou cannot prevent all automobile problems, but by staying alert to signs of trouble and performing regular maintenance, you may avoid costly breakdowns.Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Most auto manufacturers provide a recommended maintenance schedule for specific types of driving. Following their guidelines can keep your car running smoothly and prevent major problems.Keep up with routine maintenance. Because so many parts on your car are connected, neglecting problems with one part can cause complications with others. Have your car checked at the first sign of trouble, and do not underestimate the importance of simple maintenance like changing the oil or checking fuel levels. Ignoring these minor tasks can lead to unreliability, poor mileage, or even expensive breakdowns.Know your vehicle. Do not let car problems blindside you. By knowing how your car usually performs, you can spot trouble early, perhaps early enough to fix the problem before it causes more damage. Pay attention to how your car usually feels and sounds. If you notice any changes, investigate them. They may stem from minor issues, such as the need for an oil change or a tune-up, but they may also be symptomatic of more serious problems. Strange smells, sounds, or changes in the way a car handles should be taken seriously; they may be early signs of trouble. News source: Car Advisor