Adding Value To Your Trade in

Many articles and sites promote using the internet tools and shady tactics to coax car dealerships into giving more money for your trade-in.? While some of these methods have a measure of substance, the most important things have been around since well before the internet and are still valid today.Car salespeople are trained from day one that the most important thing they need to do to set up a profitable car deal is to build value, especially with used cars and trucks.? They are shown ways to enhance the consumers? experience and to promote the preowned vehicle in the best possible light.The same holds true for the consumer in regards to their trade in.? Just like selling preparing a house for sale, preparing a car for sale can increase its value greatly.? Here are some ways to do just that.(1)?? Clean It, SillyIt sounds simple, and for those who are thinking ?duh?, you would be shocked to know how often this basic tactic is not used.If possible, get it completely detailed, including shampooing the carpet and floor mats, waxing the exterior, and spraying odor neutralizers or using ionizers to eliminate odors (especially smoke).? Most dealerships will give a small, sometimes even subconscious boost to the value of a vehicle if it is ?lot ready? when it arrives.(2)?? Empty It OutThere are articles out there that suggest not emptying a trade-in because it makes the dealer think you?re eager to give them your vehicle.? That sort of advice is absolutely ridiculous.If you intend to trade your car, make no efforts to hide the fact.? There is an entire article that can be written debunking the often implied concept of hiding your trading intentions, but for now, please have faith that letting the dealership know you are ready to trade your car will give you more advantages than disadvantages.Make it easy to ?move out? of you vehicle by having everything that you are not leaving with the vehicle out and waiting at home to be replaced into your new car.? For the items staying with your trade in?(3)?? Prepare a ?Care Package?Have everything that is staying in the car in a bag, preferably a large plastic Ziploc bag.? The owner?s manual, maintenance records, valet key, second key and key-fobs, and any care items you have that you won?t need in your new vehicle (leather treatment, touch-up paint, etc.) should all be ready for the salesperson for when they stock in their latest trade, yours.This gives a sense of organization and meticulous care that will carry over during the appraisal process.? The dealer will know that if you took this much care of the car when you were getting rid of it, you probably took great care of it when you owned it.? More subliminal money invested into your trade.(4)?? Spend Up to $100 Making it Ready to SellPeople will sometimes ask if they should get this repaired or that fixed.? Rarely will the cost of fixing something translate into an equal bump in trade value.? Dealerships can fix their used cars cheaper than we can.Some things you would want to consider spending money on would be an oil change and or tune-up, wiper blades, at least a half tank of gas (again, this is for subliminal reasons), and possibly even some ?luxury? adds such as fuel injector cleaner.? Anything too expensive ? just let them know a little bit about it and ask them if they think you should get it fixed before trading.? They will almost always say no to this, but offering can disarm them a bit from deducting too much from the value.(5)?? Tell the Dealer Something Wrong with the CarThe important thing to remember here is ?something?.? You may or may not choose to reveal chronic problems that you?ve dealt with ? that part is up to you and your conscious.? If there are no major problems, find something, anything that you can point out.Someone saying that their trade-in is perfect is begging for a more thorough check in the vehicle.? Mentioning a couple of minor scratches on the passenger side, a slight shimmy at 70 MPH, or poor reception for a particular radio station when you get to the south-side of town will go a long ways in building credibility in you and your trade.They will probably find these things anyway, so offering them up front makes them think, ?If that?s all that?s wrong with it, this car must be in great shape.?– Final Thought –Trade values are always negotiable.? Do not look at it as a buy and trade transaction.? Consider it like a seller to seller transaction.? Just as they are selling you a new or used car, you are selling them your used car.? Showing pride and confidence in the quality of your product can really help you get the most out of your trade-in.? News source: My Car Wizard