Danica patrick

I don’t see how Tony Stewart and Gene Hass can renew Danica’s contract. I don’t know how many races she has brought home a wrecked race car but it seems like about every other race she hits something or someone. With GoDaddy pulling there sponsor money it is going to be tough for SHR to afford to keep her on, unless she finds some sponsor money and that is going to be difficult as she is staying on as the face of GoDaddy. Time will tell but it is getting close to that time of year when deals are struck so that promo material can be manufactured.

I still think Jimmy and his buddy Chad are cheating, they have had problems going through prerace inspection the last 2 races and have been penalized for it. I think there is something NASCAR is missing these are a couple smart cookies and have tried to pull a fast one in the past. Remember the if you win wreck the rear spoiler.

The racing so far this year has been OK but NASCAR needs to do something about the ” if you have clean air and a descent car you are almost impossible to pass. Would like to see some of the underfunded or a rookie win a race or 2 . Kyle Larson is due and I think he might before the year is out. Haven’t heard to much about the Dillon boys they are not making the showing that Grandpa Childress was hoping for, and that I thought they would, but they are having problems with speed and lacking experience but time will tell if they have the edge or not.