Throttle Body Cleaning

Many of the topics lately have had to do with hard starting poor or erratic idle these can usually be helped by cleaning the throttle body.Remove the Air tube and you will see the throttle plate this area should be free of carbon if not use a suitable cleaner (deep creep by sea foam is great so is just sea foam but the spray can is easier to use) using a soft toothbrush clean all the carbon and sludge from the area be sure to open the throttle and pay special attention to the small slit at the bottom of the body by the plate Be careful of the MAF and the MAF wire if so equipped this will be a thin wire running across the center of the body The engine may start hard and smoke slightly this is normal While you are cleaning it is also a good idea to clean the IAC same procedure without the plate and wire be careful on some models you dont lose the Oring