Techs & Wrenches

We have had some terrible weather lately it either snows or is -20 or worse, highest snowfall for any month in Dec. I think a word of praise to the automotive techs and mechanics is in order. There is a difference between a technician and a mechanic or wrench. I don’t know how the techs of today keep up with the technology; today’s cars have more lines of computer code that the first manned satellite. Many of them have a PCM, ABS and body module and some have HVAC and security, among others. I have been retired for 4 years now but I still get involved in problem cars at several shops around town so I do keep my fingers in but I can see a time when I will no longer be able to do this. You have be involved on a daily basis or it is impossible to keep up. Today’s techs have to have computer knowledge and a thorough understanding of troubleshooting electrical systems. They also have to have training in AC, Power Steering, transmissions, brakes, security and sound systems. As all of these are computer controlled on many vehicles. Most techs will focus on 1 or 2 systems, but what do the smaller shops do. With ground controlled, low voltage and now hybrid. They deserve a pat on the back for the job they do. Add to this a minimum of 10,000 to 15,000 dollars in tools or in many cases more. They are severely under paid for what they do. I know several that have degrees and can make more repairing cars than they could be working in their field but I still think the majority are under paid and underappreciated. A wrench is the back breaking work R&R transmissions, engines repairing leaks or the lesser skilled repairs. They are definitely underappreciated, more so during the cold weather we have had. As far as pay goes it is all over the scale. This is where I started but then there was no such thing as a tech. I remember when the Dodge Charger came out with a lean burn controlled carb and ignition system, About 35 years ago, I was a service Manager in a Dodge dealership and one mechanic threw up his hands and quit saying there was no way he was going to work on it. What would he say today, I know several times I have opened a hood and wanted to say the same thing on some of the newer vehicles.I was lucky to have been involved with computers both in the home and auto version since the beginning and I feel this has helped a lot in my understanding and repairing problems over the years.A big pat on the back to all the techs and wrenches out there and thank you and keep up the good work.