$10K Motor Oil

I was asked what is the most expensive part of a race car as far as research, and was surprised to learn it is the oil. Joe Gibbs has spent over a million dollars a year and over 10 million in all. For this they have gained an extra 10 horsepower which is a bunch when all the cars are so close. Oil companies have also pumped research into racing oil. Shell, Quaker State and Mobil make special oils packed with synthetic lubricants, new polymers and experimental molecules for the teams they sponsor. They won’t allow used race oil to be sold as a souvenir as it may allow someone to copy it. They have gone so far as to even protect the identity of the chemist calling him William the chemist referring to all who work on the project. Joe Gibbs won’t name the that company assembles their oil. They do sell racing oil to the public for about $10 a quart but it is not close to what they use in their race car.