52K For A Pickup

As most of you know, if you read my blog or web site, I am retired and have more vehicles then we need. We have been shopping for a different pickup, we now have 2 cars which we drive usually, a pickup and a convertible. The later 2 are only used when we or the kids need to haul junk and the convert only when it is nice out. We would like to cut back to 3 keeping the convertible a newer pickup for me and a SUV for her. But I was surprised, driving through a lot on Sunday, really enjoyed the outing after sticking close to home during the flood, there was a new 4 door pickup priced at 52K. 52 thousand dollars for a pickup, I almost dropped my teeth. I have been involved in the automotive field all my life true I don’t get out as much as I used to but the 52K price almost knocked me over. Maybe I will reconsider and fix up the old Dakota. On a personal note I hate to see GM drop Pontiac and it is not because I own 2 of them. In my opinion the GTO was the first true muscle car followed by the Judge. I know they have to do some things to stay afloat and some of these are going to not be to my liking and I hate to be negative about these changes because I don’t have any answers. My hope is that they can afford bankruptcy which looks more inevitable every day.