Mileage Errors

A recent response stated that many cars had their speedometers turned back when they had high mileage. This is very true in fact one of the lot guys, years ago, had the nick name of spinner and it wasn’t because he was a good dancer. In those days you depended more on the cosmetic appearance of the vehicle rather than the mileage, and this was usually a good indication. With the reconditioning methods they have today this would no longer be the case. Turning back speedos is no longer a problem either, it is impossible to turn back cars that have a digital dash without the use of very sophisticated and expensive equipment. An analog dash is also very difficult to do; there are also many laws, some of them federal, which cover speedometer tampering. I have also bought my share of cars at auctions that I am sure the mileage was not correct but again this was years ago and this has not been a problem for many years.