Winter 10 Tips

1) Change Your Oil Changing to a winter oil will insure your engine is protected on those cold morning starts. And, replace the oil filter as well.If you have a low mileage engine keep synthetic in mind2) Check Your Anti-freezeAnti-freeze should be replaced every two years check it for proper protection levels for your area and make sure the color is good with no signs of rust or dirt. Consider extended length coolant if you have a newer vehicle 3) Replace Your Windshield WipersWipers blades are generally good for a year Heat and sun take their toll on them and they may be fine in the rain, but will fall apart in that first freeze. I recommend replacing the wipers in the fall so they will last all winter. Snow blades, wiper blades with a rubber cover, are a slight improvement4) Replace The Fuel FilterA lot of fuel goes through the fuel filter when the vehicle is running it keeps crud out of the injectors if you cannt remember the last time you replaced it do it now5) Replace The Spark PlugsReplacing worn out spark plugs it will save precious fuel6) Check And Replace The Serpintine Belt(s)The serpentine drive belt is the heart of the accessories if it is cracked replace it7) Check The Lights And FusesThe early sunset sneaks up on us so check the lites and carry a few spares also a few fuses8) Check Your Rear Window Defroster Use an ice scrapper to get the heavy ice off and the defroster will be able to work much more efficiently9) Check And Replace Your BatteryYour battery is the only thing between you and waiting in the cold for a jump start. Summers are hard on batteries and winters will bring out the worst in them. If the battery in your vehicle is 4 or 5 years old, it’s due to be replaced. The battery that started your car on a nice 80 degree day will be the same battery that will let you down when it’s 10 degrees out. Have the whole charging system checked to be sure it is in good shape and ready for a cold winter.10) Check Your TiresUse a dime it is still the best guide for when it is tie to buy tires