Shell Nitrogen Added Fuel

Shell is introducing the all-new Nitrogen Enriched Fuels, containing a unique, patented cleaning system designed to seek and destroy engine “gunk” (carbon deposits) in all three grades of Fuel. The new Nitrogen Enriched cleaning system protects and cleans up gunky build-up on intake valves and fuel injectors left by lower quality Fuels.Nitrogen is a key element of the active cleaning molecule in the new fuel, making it significantly more stable at higher temperatures common in modern engines, such as direct fuel-injection Fuel engines. The increased stability ensures that the molecule can work under much tougher engine conditions by resisting thermal breakdown better than conventional cleaning additives.In addition to developing the new fuel with the consumer in mind, Shell worked very closely with automotive manufacturers to gain insight into current and future engine technologies. These insights along with fuels technology leadership and a strong research and development program help Shell continually improve its products.Nitrogen Enriched Fuels were tested in laboratories, independent testing facilities, and on the road, accumulating more than a half-million miles in various vehicles and engines–including conventional, turbo-charged, and direct fuel-injection Fuel engines, hybrids, newer vehicles with low mileage, and older vehicles with high mileage. Shell scientists also used innovative testing technologies such as dual fuel engines to conduct head-to-head comparisons with other lower quality Fuels. In these tests, split engines simultaneously run on different types of Fuel in order to collect data under the exact same conditions. The results of these head-to-head comparisons proved that the Shell Nitrogen Enriched Fuels are more effective than lower quality Fuels in protecting against the build-up of harmful engine gunk.The Nitrogen Enriched formula is proven to prevent build-up of gunk more effectively than Fuels containing only the minimum amount of cleaning agents as required by the EPA. The new cleaning system is certified to meet the TOP TIER Detergent Fuel Standard — voluntary standards designated by some of the world’s top automakers. In addition, Shell V-Power® premium Fuel provides maximum protection with the highest concentration of the Nitrogen Enriched cleaning system and more than five times the minimum amount of cleaning agents required by federal government standards. It seeks and destroys engine gunk even faster than regular Shell Fuel, providing maximum protection to help vehicles maintain peak performance.Shell is supporting the launch of Nitrogen Enriched Fuels with a national marketing campaign, including national TV, radio and online advertising, as well as point-of-purchase signage at Shell-branded stations nationwide. The new campaign builds-on the current “Passionate Experts” platform, focusing on the company’s commitment to fuel quality and passion for developing innovative new products.For additional information on Shell Nitrogen Enriched Fuels, visit [url”> News source: Bob is the oil guy