Camero VS Mustang

You would think with all the problems the Big 3 are having they wouldn’t be playing the same old games. Ford and GM are at it however, the 2011 Mustang will produce one more horsepower, 305, then the Camero at 304 it will also have 1 more MPG. You would think they have better things to do then milk another horsepower and MPG just to one up GM. I can’t imagine anyone buying a Camero or Mustang for mileage. The new Duratec all aluminum does sound promising for Ford. Of course this is not new they have been playing this ever since GM introduced the Camero in 1966 to counter the Mustang 2 years earlier, as usual Chrysler brought up the rear with the Challenger in 1970. I still think the AAR Cuda is the coolest muscle car ever built. I was a Service Manager in a Dodge dealership when it came out and it was fast. Of course I was also there through the introduction of Lean Burn the Aspen and the Omni. Which is the reason I have grey hair?Chrysler has been doing a lot of bragging lately about the new Challenger but I don’t see it around here the local dealer must have at least 20 or more in stock, I do have to admit it is a sharp ride. If anyone is thinking Xmas for me I like the red with the black stripe.An afterthought I wonder if the new GM head will boost thinks up a little he is known as a person who shakes thinks up and see who can hang on to keep there job.