Where Are The Convertibles

Whatever happened to the rag top? I have a 1986 Pontiac sunbird that we enjoy driving in the summer. It was a mid life crisis purchase that I bought with the head gasket out and body in tough shape. We repaired the body painted it and repaired the engine, the interior was in perfect shape the top needs a little work but we never drive it with the top up except to store it for the winter. In 1965 the first year of the Mustang there were 500,000 convertibles sold many due to the popularity of the Mustang. Back then many had manual tops and were drafty. Approximately 75,000 will be sold this year and many of them are luxury the BMW Z4, Mazda Miata, Lexus a couple Bentleys and Rolls Royce an Audi. Ford Mustang and Chrysler Sebring are the only two made in the US, GM does not have one as does Toyota and Korea. I am only considering cars with a rear seat no matter how small. The older convertibles were a Sunday drive to enjoy the scenery and the breeze. The newer are pleasant to drive and the hard top German models are like a hardtop. I think the hustle and bustle of today’s society killed the convertible no one takes the time to enjoy a drive anymore. They don’t know what they are missing, of course being retired I have a little more time to stop and smell the roses.