Cold Weather Starting

Where I live it has been bitterly cold, wind chills in the -45, but nice weather is coming this week. So a few words about some maintenance that should be done during the break. Check your tires they seem to drop in pressure during cold weather more so with aluminum rims. Check the wiper blades and washer fluid, the washer fluid may be frozen and the blades may have been damaged during snow and frost removal.  Check all fluids PS, transmission and coolant, paying extra attention to the coolant as during extreme cold anti freeze will leak where it normally would not. Give the lights a quick walk around older bulbs were affected by the cold but the newer halogen and LED seem not to be. Inspect the belts for glazing that may have been caused by snow build up.  Check the key cylinders and lube if necessary if you have remote unlock this is critical as they are used infrequently and can become sticky very quickly.Some advice about cold weather starting, with fuel injection it is not necessary to do anything but turn the key or in some cases push the button. If you have auto start this is the best way to start a cold engine the compute or PCM knows what the engine needs to start.