Goodbye Colorado & Pontiac

As most of you know I have been looking for a newer pickup and one of the models I was considering was a Colorado. Now they are going to discontinue the model along with the GMC Canyon. I had changed my mind about a Colorado after reading they had one of the highest rated warranty in that class of pickup. It never really found its place as the larger brother of the Silverado at nearly the same price with fewer options. It also had a low towing capacity and an interior that was lacking a lot of the goodies of the Silverado. I do like that size pickup however I think I am going to stick with my original choice which is a Dakota. The Ranger has terrible crash ratings and the back is not large enough for car seat which is my reason for trading. If I could find the right S10 I may consider it but it is still a little too small. Why would GM drop Pontiac do they know I own 2 of them a 1986 Sunbird convertible and a 2005 Bonneville, my 4th Bonneville. I don’t think you can find a better road car and the mileage is great also the 3.8 engine is unbeatable. They were the brand of the 442, Judge and the Firebird. With a history like that I would thing they would build on it instead of 2 luxury cars the Caddy and the Buick. Don’t get me wrong the older Rivera was a great car, my wife had one, it had the 3.8 and was also a great road car. I know they must cut the number of models but at least keep the marketing spread among models.