Pick 2

Many times I have used the adage that you can have your vehicle repaired.- Cheaply- Quickly- CorrectlyYou may pick two IE you can have it repaired cheaply and quickly but not correctly, or you can have it cheaply and correctly done but not quickly. I think this applies more so in todays repair shops than ever before. There is too much emphasis on selling and not enough on doing the repair correctly. As auto repair becomes more and more complicated and techs are paid on a commission basis and they are forced into selling to make a decent living. This has become more prevalent as dealerships struggle to survive and look to the service and parts departments to pay more of their cost of doing business. Car sales continue to fall and dealerships are forced to offer more money for trade-ins. You can buy gap insurance to pay off you loan if you car is totaled and you owe more than it is worth. Sounds like a scam waiting to happen as I am sure someone would find this as a way to get out of a bad car loan. Three service stations have closed on the main street by where I live in the last several years and repair shops that I trust are becoming harder to find. One I liked overfilled my oil on every oil change and you would think with the price of synthetic they would be more careful. I have been going to the dealership quick lube and have been very satisfied so far and maybe will give then a try for my next repair. Oil changes are cheaper then many shops. Never thought I would go that route but I done see any alternative.