Using Cheap Fuel

Just read an article that stated that you can use a cheaper brand of gas with no problems and then it went on to suggest you use a fuel additive, such as a cleaner. This makes no sense to me why not spend a few more cents for fuel and avoid using an additive, which will probably not work anyway, and you will end up having problems. I use the mid grade of gas in all of my vehicles, no additives, and have never had any problems. I used to own an Amoco station and we never seen any fuel problems and then I bought a shop near a cut rate gas outlet and we seen all kinds of fuel problems. Coincidence maybe but I doubt it. I used Amoco Silver, which is no longer available, my wife’s Rivera has over 200K and her sister still drives it with no fuel problems. A good grade of fuel is becoming harder to find almost all the Major oil companies have pulled out of our town. I am presently using Cenex and so far so good. I don’t use ethanol blended fuels, not for any reason except I just am old school and like my gas plain. I will run a tank or two of it in the winter to remove some moisture, I know many say it does not remove moisture but I do it anyway. I don’t see how a fuel system could freeze up with the fuel pressures we are running in today’s cars but I have seen a throttle body injector freeze up. All of mine are MPFI so this is not a problem. If you do use a fuel additive be sure it contains Techron, Chevron is a good one and is the one I use, not in the tank, when cleaning a fuel system through the throttle body. I know fuel is expensive and we would all like to save money at the pump but don’t shoot yourself in the foot by saving a few cents as it will come back to haunt you with expensive repairs later.