You receive an offer in the mail that your warranty is running out and they are offering a opportunity for you to extend your warranty coverage. Many different options are offered, bumper to bumper, power train some with and without deductible. Run don’t walk to the trash can and throw it away this is the biggest rip off you will ever receive. To begin with they are a not the insurer but a second party seller once you send them a check you will never deal with them again but you will deal with the company who is supposed to pay your claim but who’s main mission is to pay as few as possible. The fine print is designed to get them out of paying. Good luck finding a repair shop, that will do the work as they probably have been ripped off already by their cost cutting and they decide what they will pay and won’t pay many even set their own flat rate. Also the cost is more than you would spend in repairs unless you really hit a terrible run of luck. Properly service your vehicle and I assure you will come out in the long run dollars ahead.