Let Them Wreck

Just how far is NASCAR going to go with their policy of letting them race. The Edwards Keslowski run in was as blatant as I have ever seen. A little rubbing or nudging is OK but when you intentionally wreck someone in obvious retaliation it is time to draw the line. I know TV ratings are down but let’s not get someone killed or seriously injured for ratings. NASCAR is lucky that the newer cars are safe or this would have already happened. I think that a sponsor is going to step up and draw the line or the owners have to get together and put a stop to this. It is expensive to rebuild a race car and money is getting tight. Drivers are not alone they need a team to win and this must be discouraging for fab shops to rebuild cars wrecked on purpose. At some point in time they are going to say why should we put forth our best effort to just have them wrecked. I think if a driver wrecks a car he should help rebuild it. O f course with the demands on their time this is not going to happen. Some time ago during a radio conversation between Jr and his crew chief the crew chief said “oh you are actually going to come to the shop”. I think this is happening with all the NASCAR drivers. Bottom line if NASCAR is to exist at has to get back to its roots. I know this is going to bring me a lot of flack, but putting the # 3 Wrangler car in the Hall Of Fame is a mistake. I am a Dale Sr fan and he did win 7 Championships but there are a lot of other drivers who also contributed to the sport and they also deserve recognition.Since becoming a Father Jeff Gordon has been in a slump will the other drivers who either have just become fathers or soon will follow the same course. You only have to hesitate for a split second and it will make the difference between winning and not. Jimmy Johnson is first in mind and he is just out of a slump.