Tesla Volt Or Leaf

With the Tesla electric roadster selling for 100K, after the federal incentive, I don’t think it is a marketable product. They have sold a 1000 units since released to the public in December of 2009 but they have to purchase 2400 chassis from Lotus by the end of 2011 or pay a penalty. The startup company has taken all the founders funds, Elon Musk and he sold back the majority of his stock during the IPO. The Chevy Volt is coming out later this year with a price tag of $41,000 and the Nissan Leaf priced at $32,000 before a $7500 federal incentive. The Volt is still pricey for a small car with no luxury and I doubt if the sales will be what GM has forecast. It is however a hybrid and does offer extended driving range compared to the Tesla, 244 miles on a charge, or the Leaf at 100 miles per charge with a final price tag after the incentive of 25K I think this will sell but as far as the Volt or Tesla time will tell. GM has their future staked on the Volt but I don’t think the battery technology is where it needs to be to make a total electric something the motoring public is going to stand in line to buy. In addition to the purchase price of the car the cost to install a plug in station runs $1200to$1800. Leaf stands for Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable. So Korea is building a battery plant in Detroit, with over half paid by government funds, maybe the battery situation will improve I doubt it but at least there is hope.