Chrysler Dropping Dakota

Rumors are traveling around that Chrysler may drop the Dodge Dakota or possibly downsize it to more of a compact commuter or the Baby Ram pickup. The Baby Ram will average 30 MPG and have room for 4. The recent Chrysler meeting on the Fiat line hinted that the Dakota will take a more lifestyle direction. They also announced a 2012 Viper and hinted at a Jeep Gladiator pickup possibly to replace the Dakota. A New luxurious Longhorn model will be introduced with a logo removable belt buckle in the floor mat. They are supposed to introduce a new logo but as a belt buckle in the floor mat, it’s a truck Chrysler not a jewelry counter. On another sad note note Pontiac is only producing the Vibe for 2010. I have owned 4 Pontiac Bonneville’s and my wife is driving one now. In my opinion, discounting a few luxury cars, read spendy; this is one of the finest cars ever built. It has an excellent ride, gets great MPG and has a sporty look. I also own a Dodge Dakota, which I love it is my second Dakota. I had the first one for 15 years, I would have kept it but I needed a quad cab for grandkids. . What does Detroit have against me every time I find a vehicle I like they discontinue it. I know times are tough but they could cut the execs pay and severance packages and continuing producing a number of car lines.