New Tools

There are 2 new tools on the market which I think are worth a mention.Black and Decker has introduced a ReadyWrench that is a set of sockets on one handle. I think this is a great idea. I carry a small assortment of tools in my vehicle, I don’t know how much use they would be with the cramped engine compartments, but I carry them anyway. Which sockets to include has always been a question. This tool will not replace a socket set but it will do in an emergency. It is rather bulky for some applications but the ability to hold it vertically and spin it like a screwdriver is rather useful. The Gator Grip has been around for awhile but the one recently released by Endeavor Tool Company has a total of 54 rods that do the work and this is a vast improvement as the early models had fewer and larger rods which made it useless. For removing rusted, rounded or odd shaped bolts and nuts this is a great addition to your toolbox. Normally I would not have given this s second look but when it was in with other Craftsman tools at a Sears I Figured it was worth a second look and once again Sears comes across with a winner.