EV Battery Exchange

A few years from now you may stop into a better place battery exchange station and exchange your battery as you stop for fuel now. However it may be quicker then fueling as they claim they can do a battery exchange in 59 secs and they are presently doing this in Japan to taxis. None of the major electric cars manufactures have jumped on this idea with the exception of Nissan. Better place has 350 million in financing in place. The odd thing is that Nissan chose to use an enclosed thermal management system for the battery pack in the Leaf EV in the United States, meaning the car’s battery cannot be swapped. The amount of cash required to get this off the ground is going to be high but I do think it is something the US driver may warm up to. I can see it being used more in an emergency situation then for an everyday charge up. With it being only for emergency I am afraid the cost would be prohibitive, also I think the EPA would have a few things to say about having that many batteries in one location.