Correction Maybe

Several Emails recently that discussed the Crew Chiefs heritage and IQ. Several from ethanol users and one from an ethanol spokesperson or so they claimed. I just don’t understand why users of ethanol are so convinced that it is good for the environment. There have been several studies that determined that it takes more resources to make a gallon of ethanol that is saved. It does not remove water from fuel it will separate water and fuel and deposit the water in the bottom of your fuel tank and that is where it will stay till pumped into your engine and then you have problems. There are several chemicals on the market, depending on the year of your vehicle, which will remove water by dispersing it into your fuel and burning it along with the gas but in small quantities so as not to cause a problem. Do not use the yellow colored heet in any fuel injected vehicle. Methanol alcohol will remove water and when mixed with a dispersant will rid your tank of water. A little prevention is the best cure and that is to stick to a quality fuel from a reputable dealer. Frozen gas lines are a thing of the past I just don’t see how a fuel system can freeze with 40# of fuel pressure. I have seen a throttle body injector freeze but this is normally caused by outside moisture not from moisture in the fuel itself. Ethanol forming formic acid can cause major damage to an engine worse with synthetic oil. The problems with this are just now showing up and I think there is going to be more in the future. Bottom line with no advantage except for maybe a very slight increase in power I see no advantage to using ethanol.Supporters of the Volt also were informative about my ideas. I was wrong on several statements. The volt will charge on a household 120 outlet, it will take about 11 hours and half that with a 220 outlet. No mention of the required amperage. The Volt is also not a plug in Hybrid but an EV with a range extender. GM has spun this range extender until I don’t think they know what it should be called. Personally I think they are bypassing the batteries when the engine is running and partially driving the electric motors directly. The batteries are limited to only using about half their available voltage and not being overcharged this will help meet the eight year 100K warranty. On star will also be free for 5 years so GM can monitor the health of the battery.