EV Conversions

I wonder how many will try to convert their present vehicle to an electric vehicle. I have to think back to the kit car era some years ago. Many of these were never finished and many companies made a lot of money finishing kit cars. Converting a vehicle to electric is a lot more complicated than building a kit car and also is dangerous when you start dealing with the voltages involved. Stripping the vehicle of the engine drive train, exhaust and fuel systems is not that bad but when it comes to mounting a battery and engines it becomes a whole different ball game. Aligning the engine and drive train with the frame is a task all by itself. Most motor heads that are capable of converting a vehicle would not part with the Fuel engine. Many of these kits are brand specific but they will still require a lot of skill and perseverance.I just don’t see this as a viable alternative but then with the price of an EV it may be the only choice for some as I just don’t see a used car market as an option. I can in vision some aftermarket battery manufacture sneaking in the back door with a cheap battery that will remind us of the Pinto.