As if the oil market is not confused enough with pure synthetic, synthetic and a synthetic blend, now a new oil is being introduced. To add to the confusion it will also have different designations. The API will be SN and the ILS will be GF-5. GM will also use the same oil with more testing. It will meet the Mercedes Benz sludge test and Opel’s aeration test. This testing will meet European standards. To be certified SN it must only pass a series of chemistry and engine tests. Dexos 1 as GM will call there oil leads me to believe this is just the first of a series. There is a Dexos 2 for diesels. They have been working on this oil since 2006. GF-5 will be available in both conventional and synthetic but Dexos 1 will only be available in synthetic. Oil companies have oils on the market that meet or exceed the Dexos 1, GF-5 specifications. Shells Pennzoil Platinum and Quaker State Ultimate Durability are the first ones on the market. Mobil 1 also meets Dexos standards as do several others but they are not listed by GM.GM will not specify an oil change interval as Dexos is designed to work with the oil life monitor to increase the mileage between oil changes. Ford claims a 10K between oil changes as they claim they have made major improvements in the materials and technologies it uses in its engines. Dexos 1 will be in every GM and Ford vehicle in 2011and not using it will void the warranty. GM claims it will be backward compatible and will be an excellent choice for older vehicles. My first questions will my 2005 Pontiac oil monitor work correctly and if not is there a way to make it. Presently I run it through 2 change intervals and then change the Mobil 1. Let the discussion begin, I have never seen a new oil introduced without a million opinions. Remember the first Mobil 1. As I have said before ask any tech about his choice of women’s hair color and you will get many different opinions, Dexos 1 will have as many or more responses.