T. Bayne

Trevor Bayne (I had to look up how to spell his name) won the Daytona 500. There are several reasons he was successful, he is an excellent driver for his age and is very skillful at the new 2 car draft and having only run one other Sprint Cup race he did not have any old habits to break. He also had a very fast car, more on this later, and he made numerous friends by pushing in the Nationwide race. Of course luck and some errors by other drivers giving him some breaks also helped. For being so young he is a well spoken and seems to be centered and not letting fame go to his head. He did flash the ring a little too often but I think that was just nervousness. I did feel sorry for Rusty Wallace and Dale Jarrett as they had never won a 500 and they were talking to a 20 year old who just did.The Woods brothers are known for nudging the rules a little. Was his car a little too fast? I don’t know how much checking if any NASCAR does before the car goes into the Daytona Hall but I do think NASCAR will take a look at his engine. I do see now why NASCAR added the point for winning as the winner of this race received no points as he is running for the Nationwide title. Let’s see how well Trevor runs at Phoenix I doubt he will have so many friends and receive the help he did at Daytona had to be a little embarrassing for some of the other drivers.