Headlamp Adjustment

With the newer brighter head lights that are on the newer vehicles headlight aiming is becoming a greater problem. If you are having problems seeing at night or oncoming cars are blinking at you I would suggest having it checked. This is something a competent DIY can do. Newer vehicles tend to spread out there light whereas older ones had more of a spotlight in the center which made them easier to align. You will need a level place with a flat wall about 20 feet away. A shopping center is a god place if you don’t have one around the house. I do mine by backing my vehicle into the garage and shining the lights on the door this tends to be a little close but I have done several so I can get pretty close. I always seem to do a little fine tuning even when I do them at a longer distance.Your driver side light should be slightly to the inside and down about a ¼ of the height. The passenger should shine directly to the front with a slight down slant.The first couple of adjustments will need to be played with but after some fiddling you can get fairly accurate. As I said older vehicles are easier because they tend to have more of a spot. This is not that expensive of a repair so if you are not comfortable with playing the adjustment leave it to a professional. Some vehicles the adjustment screws are difficult to get to and here again you may want to have it done, really would not be worth buying special tools for unless you are like me and any excuse to buy a tool is a good excuse. Most body shops perform head lamp alignment.