Gas Saving Devices

Like the sun rising in the east rising gas prices bring gimmicks out of the minds of hucksters. They plug into your lighter, wrap on your fuel line line, or a pad you sit on, kidding about the pad. They are always some item of technology withheld by the big 3 and big oil. Believe me they do not talk about such small items if it does not mean a billion in profits they don’t waste their time or resources on itOne such item plugs into your cigarette lighter and claims to condition electrical current so everything works smoother. Makes some sense but the device is only a circuit board for powering 2 lights. Of course it is tested and shown to be effective when paid for by the parent company. It sells for $59.95, won’t help gas mileage but you will have 2 pretty blinking lights. Actually I can see this being of some use as the blinking lights will keep your mind on saving gas.There are many factors involved in better mileage and they all add a small percentage but when added together can amount to a savings. Tire pressure, scheduled servicing, observant of how much extra weight you are carrying in your trunk, among many other small items will amount to a saving. You can always send me the $59.95 and I will guarantee $5.00 saving on your next 5 fills when I return $50 to you and keep the $5.95 for my trouble. I hope no one takes me seriously on this offer. one piece of advice I have read recently is to move your seat closer this will help prevent jackrabbit starts and stops. Tried it but did not feel right so I moved it back.