Ford is going to have a tremendous leg up in the mileage race with its new eco-boost engine. They were able to develop this engine because they had money to spend on R&D when the other 2 were trying to survive and pay back the government. They ran this engine in real life conditions, including a stint in a logging camp, and tore it down in front of spectators at the auto show and it showed very little wear. One valve was carboned but this was due to cheap gas I think. The electric car, be it full or not, is going to fill a niche but folks as myself who need to go farther than 120 miles, are going to take a serious look at this option. I live in North Dakota and many here go farther than that round trip to do serious shopping. The 3 cylinder may have a hard time getting started as many are going to be hesitant to buy a 3 cylinder. For years we have been told odd cylinder numbers do not work out and run rough. Remember the Chevy with a 3 cylinder, it was a fiasco.The fact that it is diesel powered may also be a hindrance but I would expect a gas powered model in the near future. Diesel is OK for trucks and pickups but soccer moms shy away from it. Time will tell but I think the eco-boost system is going to be the power train of the future.