NASCAR Ramblings

If I owned a NASCAR team, and I will as soon as I win the lottery, I would go out and find the teenager with the skills necessary to cheat the new fuel injection system. As Bill Gates once said” there is a newer operating system out there you just have to find the 16 year old who has it in his head”, Now I am not saying cheating is OK but every team walks a fine line and I just want to be ahead of the learning curve. Earnhardt Jr what is wrong with your team, at your level the mistakes that you keep making are killing you. Loose lug nuts way to frequent. You are a member of one of the best teams in NASCAR, look at the others, Is it time to say you are just not that great a driver and could not adapt to the new car. You have been in several teams and a couple of crew chiefs and still no win.In hindsight how much did the safety issue in open wheel, and the fact there may not be a sanctioning body next year have to do with Danica Patricks switch to NASCAR. When 5 million dollars are on the line and nobody, of importance, shows up to win it, there is obviously a problem. I think anyone who has their head sticking out of the top of the car is a brick short.