EGR Valve problems

Hearing of problems with the Chrysler 6 cylinder EGR valve. My 1986 had EGR problems but it was carbureted and didn’t have a transducer, so the CEL never came on. I did have to clean the EGR several times because of a rough idle. Cleaning the EGR valve is a simple procedure. Remove the vacuum and electrical connector, unbolt the valve. Place the valve upside on a paper towel and fill it with a liquid, carb cleaner works the best. If any fluid leaks you need to clean the valve. I would clean it anyway as you have it removed. Checking for a leak will tell you if you are on the right track. Remove all traces of the gasket. Using a cleaner scrub the valve, I use seafoam deep creep spray cleaner, there are several other good ones but Seafoam seems to work the best. A soft bronze bristles brush is a big help. Be sure to open the ports and clean them as this is where the problem is. While your hands are a mess of carbon and seafoam now is a good time to clean the throttle body. This is also an easy procedure. Remove the air tube and clean the carbon from around the tube where the throttle plate meets the tube. Pay attention to the bottom of the tube as there is a port there for bypass air. A old tooth brush , not the wife’s ,works here the bronze brush is a little rough IF you have a mass air flow sensor installed in the body be very careful when cleaning around it. They are spendy, but usually only found in the body on GM’s. I always include cleaning the throttle body as part of a tune up and on certain models cleaning the EGR valve. All it takes is some time and gaskets and it is good insurance against future problems.