Junky Key Chain

What do you have on your key chain, if it looks like it belongs on a jailer’s belt, you have way too many keys and or junk on it. That Mickey Mouse doll or the bling chain may look cute but the extra weight can and will in time do damage to your ignition switch. Think about it every time you hit a bump the switch and or key tumbler gets jarred. The heavier the weight the amount of force increases. Depending upon your vehicle this may or not be a major expense, on some it is a simple tumbler replacement, still not cheap with air bags and other items to be removed. On some vehicles it can be a major repair involving security systems and modules, keys can run in excess of $100. Drop your keys in the snow or ice, do not put then in the ignition without drying them off. When you insert the key the snow and ice go with it and this melts and next time you start a cold car this can freeze. Many keys also have security feature built into them and if water is introduced it can cause major problems. Many of keys are sealed but this is not a positive protection. If you do drop your key into a wet mess, or the toilet do not use the remote feature. Remove the battery and dry it by a heat source a heat register is a good spot. Not the oven or the microwave. A hair dryer on low will also work but use caution. This holds true for all electronic devices including remotes and cell phones.