Sex Sells At Daytona

So Stewart Hass Racing bought Danica Patrick’s way into the Daytona 500 by aligning itself with Tommy Baldwin Racing and scooping up Dave Blaneys points. Blaney is the only hope TBR had last year and did several start and parks to stay in the game financially. In comes SHR and Go Daddy’s money and buys Danicas way into the 500. The powers to be at NASCAR are of course loving the hype she is bringing and according to NASCAR it is all within the rules. Blaney did an excellent job keeping TBR in the hunt with limited equipment. Between Danica and David Reutimann will drive the 26 races Danica will not run and try to keep her in the top 35 so she will never have to qualify. Daytona is the World Series and Super Bowl tied into one for NASCAR why cheapen it with such antics.; Shame on you Tony Stewart I know money is hard to come by but at what cost. Who is running the show the teams or the sponsors? Danica also gave the Indy 500 the cold shoulder and is running in the Coke 600. This race was on her Bucket List she did give some mention to running both races in the future but I doubt Tony will let her as he knows how tough it is to do a double. Patrick is a huge draw and nice to look at but at what cost to the sport of racing. Is it racing or business I am afraid it is becoming a business due to the high cost of fielding a competitive team. Patrick will appear in Go Daddy commercials during the Super Bowl along with several Go Daddy girls with only paint on she will have clothes on but sex sells and it looks as if the Driver/sex symbol is making the most of it.