No Spare Tire

Just had a flat and you open your trunk to discover no spare, you may have a tire inflator or some other tools that are supposed to inflate the tire but trust me these seldom work. Time to call a tow truck, at the shop they tell you the price of the tire and you respond ”no I don’t want to buy a whole set just 1 tire” and then you find out that is the cost of 1 tire. Several manufactures have dropped the spare from their vehicles in the past several years with little publicity about it. It would not be a bad idea to check if you haven’t that there is a spare. A few have included different options to reinflate the tire but if it is a sidewall or blow out or you were on the highway and shredded the tire these are of little use and tow trucks can run well over $50.The part I don’t understand is they are using very expensive tires on these same cars. Are they thinking because the tire are expensive they won’t have a problem? I just don’t see any cost saving here. It may be a weight thing, but I don’t see the saving as being that much. I have had several pickups that did not have a spare or it was impossible to get it out, I did give mine a kick this summer and it felt like it had air in it. So far no problems, now I wish I wouldn’t have mentioned it as I probably will have a problem. What is next 2 buckets with pillow for a back seat?