WD-40 New Products

In 1953, Rocket Chemical Company, on the 40th try perfected WD-40. In 1993 a can of WD-40 could be found in 2 out of 3 homes. In 2005 they introduced the Smart Straw, which I think is a better idea then the product itself. I am not a big fan of the product, I think the best use is for cleaning, it will remove glue residue and tar better than any other product. It is also great for water protection. Want to make garage tools look great, use it, Drain pans are the grungiest thing in a shop , spray on a little wipe it off and you have a new pan. It will work in a pinch as a rust penetrant or a lubricant, but there are better products. Be careful if you use it on a switch as it will not conduct electricity. For the last 50 plus years they have touted it as a cure all in one can, and if you only want one can this is somewhat true. So why would they come out with the Specialist line of products including a silicone spray and a penetrant, among others. I have heard that the rust remover soak works great. Almost all these new products come with the smart straw which is a great idea. I also think they are a little spendy compared to other products. I haven’t used any of them yet but next time I need a new can of one of these products I will give it a try, why not at worst it will probably be a better cleaner.