Fall Check Up

It is that time of year again to check the little things we don’t do on a weekly or monthly basis. Most of us do a walk around of our vehicle on a regular basis, but there are things we miss.

  • Lube and check the door locks including the trunk. This is important on vehicles with remote functions as we never use the key and the locks can become inoperable, A major problem when the battery dies in the remote.
  • Check the license plate light, had a few too many and should not be driving, this is one of the major reasons law enforcement uses for stopping a vehicle.
  • Check the wiper blades and don’t just run your finger across them but clean them with a alcohol swab or something similar. I use either WD 40; hey it has to have some use besides cleaning gunk off.
  • Check the spare for air and yes the compact spares do take that much pressure.
  • Check your headlights for brightness, one of the problems with the modern bulb is they lose considerable lumens before they burn out. As it happens over a period of time we don’t notice it unless we are paying attention, often we tend to think they are dirty. Also are your lenses cloudy a simple fix.
  • Check the tranny fluid this is often not done on a regular basis as the engine has to be up to temp and running. Check your owner’s manual for the proper method to check the level as many are different.
  • One last one that may seem obvious but check where you park for fluid spots, often the vehicle is parked when we are close to it and this is often overlooked.