Traction Control

tractionLittle rain, sleet and 6 inches of snow here yesterday. My wife said her traction control light kept coming on; hello you should not use traction control on ice. It works great in snow and in some wet conditions but not on ice. Traction control uses the anti-lock brake system by Appling the brake on the spinning wheel thus transferring power to the wheel with traction. It is really a simple system all controlled by computer along with the ABS system. The problem is if you are on ice and the brakes are applied to the slipping wheel it grabs for a split second and it starts spinning so the system applies that brake and so on, causing a sliding situation called crab walking. It keeps going from one wheel to another very quickly kind of like ABS only applied to one wheel. Certain types of 4 wheel drive and in a rare instance some all wheel drive can do the same thing. There will no doubt if it ever happens to you as you will be totally out of control. Imagine one brake being applied on ice not a fun ride. I am not a big fan of ABS either but as I get older and a little slower in my reaction time I have been using it more, I also hate the warning light when it is turned. For many years you did not drive with a red light on and I just cannot shake that idea.