Fuel Prices

I wish someone would explain to me how gas prices can be in the high $3 range and at times above $4 when crude is $93. I don’t mind paying a fair price even the 43 cents we pay for gas tax I think is fair. I just don’t understand how the Exxon’s are getting by with what I consider price gouging and at times it could be considered profiteering, which is illegal. Our economy has made some strides at improving but as long as energy prices stay high the economy is not going to improve past a certain point. Everything we buy has to moved from point A to point B. Remember nothing happens until someone sells something to somebody and after the sale it has to be delivered. Washington DC has not made any movement to improve my life style, lowering gas prices would be a move in the right direction. 1 in 5 kids at sometime goes without a meal I am sure this would improve if energy prices were lower. A family should not have to choose between gas to get to work and food for their kids.

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