Misc tips

A bout with the flu gave me a few days to catch up on my reading and found a few interesting factsFuel pump power draw should be 10 amps per 10# of pressure finally someone put this in writing.Also a majority of pump failures are caused by the brushes start jumping off the armature and cause the connection to break the spring completes the connection for a short period but eventually burns off. This explains why if you get a lab scope that looks like a sic opera it is the brush jumping and leads to eventually failure.Many of the new voltmeters can not perform voltage drop tests due to the method of reading more prevalent on the cheaper models(more on this later have to do some research)Short trips that do not sufficient warm up the engine will cause rust buildup in the injectors when using ethanol fuel. Are there any decent major fuels out there any more I use BP(AMOCO Silver) but I am having doubts about that. Crew ChiefPS several Emails and phone calls told me I should also add if the draw is low it could be a worn pump so then check the pressure and volume.A short cut to check the fuel system is to unhook the FPR and snap open the throttle the pressure should drop 1 1/2 # anymore and you have a problemPS Hope to do more of this but wont wait for a flu bug