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# 29 Harvick

GM Goodwrench will not sponsor the 29 car next or so the rumor mill says Reeses will be the sponsor along with a Fuel lubricant company maybe I should start paying more attention to GM crying wolf as to how broke they are the mill is also talking about a Ford GM merger this I find hard to believe a rice burner maybe but not Ford Update it looks like GM will sponsor 26 races and Reeses 13I think this change is more to keep investors at bay and will change as time passesand still only a rumor with a few statements from RCR that splits up the season

Watkins Glen

I normally do not watch road course recing but I am glad I recorded the 2 races this weekend The Glen is usually kind of boring but the finish to the Busch race was about as exciting as we have seen all season and Stewart and Harvik dicing for position was also excellent racing I am going to have to agree with Tony Stewart about the older more experienced drivers race cleaner and know what expect from each other no wreck the leader and win just drive harder into the corner dont wreck and win I didnt quite do enough research into Johnsons win at Daytona, and I was there, to understand the nature of the incident but it is to bad when he wins it keeps coming to my mind mainly after his win at Indy

Danica to NASCAR

Danica tells to NASCAR BUT…..: Danica Patrick’s father clarified his stance today: While he wants the Indy-car driver to switch to NASCAR; she’s not so interested even though her contract with Rahal Letterman Racing is set to expire at the end of the season. “I’d be a fool not to want her there, and if you were her father you would, too,” T.J. Patrick said after his comments last weekend ignited a media frenzy. “But it’s not my decision . . . and I don’t believe she wants to do (NASCAR). She wants to stay here (in the IRL), she wants to run Indy, she wants to win the Indy 500. That’s her goal.” Danica Patrick has been unavailable for comment. T.J. Patrick said he spoke to Danica on Monday so she understood what he told a reporter working for the Tribune Co.[Ed Hinton Orlando Sentinel/Chicago Tribune”> “She kind of laughed and said, ‘What did you do?’ ” he said. “It’s gotten blown out of proportion so much. No one said a thing when I went with her to the NASCAR race in Phoenix (in April). She talked with (NASCAR team owner) Jack Roush and stuck her head inside Kurt Busch’s car. No one said a thing.”(Indianapolis Star) BUT: A season’s worth of setbacks and upcoming free agent status has IRL IndyCar Series driver Danica Patrick thinking about something she never gave that much thought to – NASCAR. “It’s important for me to know what’s out there and who is interested in me and who will give me the best chance to win,” she told USA TODAY in a phone interview from Los Angeles, where she will be presenter at the ESPY Awards being taped tonight. “NASCAR is so big, how can you ignore it?” Patrick, 24, says it’s been a “frustrating” and “confusing” season as Rahal Letterman Racing has struggled mightily. A year after capturing three poles and leading the Indy 500, Patrick has struggled along with her team’s two other drivers who only have two top-five finishes among them. “My priorities haven’t changed,” says Patrick, whose contract is up at the end of the season. “I still want to be a winning IndyCar driver. If I’m given an opportunity to drive for an IndyCar team and win races, I’m going to do it.” But if the right opportunity isn’t there, she has her eye on NASCAR. “I think I’m capable to taking on the challenge, but it would have to be with the right team and with the right deal,” she said. “Then I would consider it. Until then, I’m investigating what the interest level is.”(USA Today)and MORE: Danica Patrick might one day drive in NASCAR, but she doesn’t expect it will be next year. “I wouldn’t say it was that big of a chance (of going) next year, but I’d say it’s a fairly larger chance in the future,” she said Tuesday from Los Angeles. Patrick also said her father, T.J., was within his right as her manager to investigate options in NASCAR, which was what he did Sunday at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Ill.Indianapolis Star)(7-12-20FYI Danica is staying with the Indy cars but is switching teams to Andretti-Green I think this is unfair to Rahal-Letterman as they gave her a start I hope she wins a race before the end of the season News source: Jayskis Silly seaso Site

# 88

Latest on UPS: looks like after all the runors that have been floating with UPS [#9-Kahne, #19-Mayfield, #16-Biffle, #88-RYR”> that UPS will announced this weekend that is will stay with Dale Jarrett and move to the Michael Waltrip Racing Toyota Jarrett will drive in 2007 and leave the #88 RYR Ford.(7-4-2006) News source: Jayski’s Silly Season Site

Checker & Lester

Checkers could sponsor Lester or another team in 2007: If #23-Bill Lester lands a Nextel Cup ride in the future – he has only two starts, both this year, but drives for Bill Davis Racing, which has two open seats for its Toyota program in 2007 – he may already have met his sponsor: Tampa-based Checkers/Rally’s. Lester, who has a partial sponsorship deal with the official drive-through of NASCAR for his BDR Truck series program, is well-liked within the company. This season he became just the sixth African-American to qualify for a race in NASCAR’s top series. “He helped us secure the deal (to become a NASCAR sponsor in 2005),” said Checkers vice president of marketing Rich Turer. “Bill participated in our final meeting with our franchise advisory council two years ago at Homestead-Miami (Speedway). Bill was our invited guest and NASCAR brought him in specifically to talk about this match. We have 800 restaurants, and some of them are very urban and are more minority-driven in the customer base, and we had some franchisees that were concerned about our investment against that. Bill was able to come in and talk to them and have dinner and spent a lot of time. He’s great. We’re not a huge sponsor of Bill – we sponsor a few races for him a year – but he remains near and dear to my heart because he really helped make secure some of the important franchise votes we needed to get the deal done.” Turer said the company is in discussions with two teams about a full-season Nextel Cup sponsorship for 2007. Turer did not name teams, but noted the company’s right to use race-winners’ images in its advertising reduces the pressure to sign a high-profile driver.(St Petersburg Times)(7-4-2006) News source: St Petersburg Times