It is difficult if not impossible to work on today’s fuel and electronic systems without a lob scope, they have come down in price, you can buy one for personal use for under $200. It is a little complicated and takes some time but they work great.

Ethenol do not use in small engines

OK for the second time I am issuing a warning about ethanol. Do not use it in ANY small engine this includes all boat motors It will clog up your jets in carb and injectors. Also I would not use 15 in your car unless it has a yellow gas cap. You are not going to save any money however as it will decrease your mileage and power.

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After removing some stripes from my pick-up my door handles always looked dull. Tried some F-11 and looked spotty and dull in spots. Second coat did not help much. Used Me quires back to black 2 coates, and now look great, time will tell how long it lasts. I also cleaned them before each application

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