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After removing some stripes from my pick-up my door handles always looked dull. Tried some F-11 and looked spotty and dull in spots. Second coat did not help much. Used Me quires back to black 2 coates, and now look great, time will tell how long it lasts. I also cleaned them before each application

Junk Box

Used to have a Tech who worked for me and his box looked like this. When starting a repair he would go to the top of his box a grab a handful of tools, most from the top, and complete the repair never returning to his box. Made me realize we use very few tools in our box except on occasion. He went on to work for a drag racer.

Favorite Rides

These are beyond a doubt my 2 favorite trucks. I was a Service Manage at a Dodge dealership and drove both of these and if I had to choose it would be the red express but only by a hair and I have had a black truck and they are hard to keep clean.