Bad legislation

Fear is a powerful motivator. Perhaps that is why a recent “My Turn” essay by Dick Cole entitled “Don’t Let Dealers Have a Lock on Auto Repair” resorted to emotion and speculation to make the case for so-called “Right to Repair” legislation. Facts, in fact, undermine his argument and the unhappy future he imagines for car owners and independent service and repair shops. Consider: – All information necessary to service and repair motor vehicles is available to motor vehicle owners and independent repairers. – More than 70 percent of all non-warranty service and repair work done today is performed by independent repairers. – Vehicles today are more technologically sophisticated than ever. – Because of the technical complexity of today’s vehicles, those in the service and repair industry must invest in the tools needed to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair these products. Right to repair legislation is a solution in search of a problem. Unfortunately, the innocently-titled “Right to Repair” bill advocated by Mr. Cole does more to confuse than to clarify the real challenge facing the service and repair industry today. No amount of information will help if technicians are not prepared to use, or do not know where to locate, up-to-date service information. Nor will legislation remedy problems associated with diagnostic tools that are not equipped to identify problems that could arise on each and every vehicle that passes through the shop door. News source: Concord Monitor