15% Ethanol

I agree with those saying that the sky is falling with the addition of 15% ethanol. The gates Co. is even jumping on the band wagon, they are not sure if there fuel line can stand up to long term exposure to 15%.
I was a skeptic when 10% ethanol was introduced, and was correct in being so. Fuel injectors were fouled by rust and cetane build up, worse when cheap fuel was used. I owned an Amoco station at the time and we seen very few injectors problems. Later I owned an Auto repair shop across from a cheap fuel location, and we seen a lot of injector problems.
I don’t think that the fuel industry can regulate the percentage of ethanol as close as they say they can. Temperature makes a huge difference when it is added to fuel. I have read where the present percentage varies from 8% to 12%, IF we would go to 15% it could go as high as 17%. That is way too high, and would cause damage. This would lead to many problems in older engines.
Leaving it at 10% and regulate it closely, is also an option. I would only agree if the farmers and those that say it is hurting our food supply would agree, and I doubt that is going to happen. It would also have to be proven that the problems with power and fuel mileage are incorrect and I don’t think they are.
Drop ethanol and provide dollars to further develop power options such as eco-boost.
I just don’t think using food for power is a good idea.

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