Flooded Vehicles

You didn’t have to live in a flooded area to deal with flood damage. Many had to find another ride to work today after their cars went underwater in yesterday’s storm. We went to the spot many of those cars ended up: the mechanic.It’s is a scene all too familiar in Savannah today. Leftovers from the floods, cars which are now boats.”I can kind of smooth it over, pat them on the back, that’s about it,” said Duane Miller of Ward’s Towing. “There’s nothing you can say to someone who’s been flooded.””At one point, it did come as a surprise,” Tony Parrish of Parrish Auto Repair told us. “Now every year, it’s: when is this going to come? Not if, when.”Parrish says after 27 years on the job, this is just another day in Savannah. His lot is already full with more flooded cars on the way.”When you ingest water through the intake system, it will bend the connecting rods and at that point the engine’s shot,” explained Parrish. “You have to rebuild it or replace it.”In most cars, he’ll check the air filter and spark plugs for water damage, and then try to start it.He blames impatient and uninformed drivers starting their engines in high waters for the rush of business.”The best thing to do in deep water is leave it,” he advised. “Don’t try to move it. Leave it, call the wrecker, let them get it out.”That way, you may have wet floors, and waterlogged cup holders, but cleaning is a lot cheaper than fixing an engine, which Parrish told us can cost $3,000 to $4,000, adding, “That’s an expensive ride home”Parrish knows exactly how much damage was done to a car just by looking at it. Once the water hits the bottom of the dash, it’s a total loss.But someone else’s loss is Parrish’s gain. “Every cloud has a silver lining. It’s bad for the customer and good for our industry.”An industry which will be very busy for the next few weeks. Parrish says he expects to fix up to 30 flooded cars this year. That’s means $50,000 to $60,000 in additional business, thanks to the weather.Reported by: Andrew Davis, [email protected] News source: WTOC Channel !! Savannah GA