Snow Blower Service

Once again it is that time of year to store the snow blower and break out the lawnmower, here are some hints Grease the fittings on your snow blower, usually on the wheels and auger mounting points.Change the oil Spray off the entire machine and let dry thoroughly. I use a spray wax on a few spots. Lube the cables and pivot points and pulleys. Check the belts, and clutch.Spray some WD-40 on the augers and chute pivot points; I also spray the augers and any rust spots.A couple of cap full’s of Sea Foam in the gas tank and let it run for several minutes to get it into the carb. If you serviced,changed the oil and put Sea Foam into your mower last fall it should fire right up fill it with gas and start cutting.When I was in Arizona I said I was not coming home until I heard lawnmowers’ running, but I had to come home to face the flood.