Noisy Brakes

You are coming to a stop sign and there is a noise like a cat is caught in the fan, but as you release the pedal the noise goes away. You have the screeching brake syndrome. This is caused by a sounding board effect such as a record player. The grooves in the pad and the grooves in the rotor produce a phonographic effect. The Caliper piston is mounted in rubber so a vibration is possible and thus the noise. Several methods to cure this. The one I recommend is to replace the pads with a ceramic based pad, turn or replace the rotors, clean and lube all slide point with a high temperature brake grease, also be sure there is no binding at any points you may have to use a file to clean some of the junk off the pad base or corrosion off the caliper slide points. Use a good anaerobic adhesive to secure the pad to the piston I also use a shim if there is room use caution when applying the sealant; do not get it on any attachment or sliding points. You can also remove, clean and lube the pads and attachment and sliding point’s sand the pad smooth apply sealant and reassemble. I would use a shim here as the pads have some miles and there should be room. I don’t know if turning the rotors is necessary but it wouldn’t hurt. Many of today’s rotors are so thin that they will not turn more than once, so keep this in mind but rotors are not that expensive. If you do a lot of dusty driving it may work to take the vehicle to a car wash and pressure wash the brakes. Simply turn the wheels all the one way wash both front and rear and repeat on the other side.A quick word about ceramic pads, they are definitely worth the extra money. They will eliminate almost entirely any brake dust and noise. Everyone says it is in my head but I think they have a better feel when braking they seem to have a solid and even application. Remember the old saying “if it doesn’t start it is a problem but if you can’t stop you have big problems”.