Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is important in that you repair a problem before it becomes a problem. Why wait until you are on the side of the road in rainy weather at 10:00 at night to replace, say, a bad radiator hose. Do it on a nice Saturday afternoon in your garage or driveway. It’ll be more comfortable and you will have one less thing to worry about as your out driving. News source: AutoRepair About 1) DIY: Replacing Your Fuel FilterFuel filters are often neglected until they start to clog up. When they do, your vehicle will lose power and hesitate.2) DIY: How To Replace Your Heater HosesOne one the most common sources of coolant loss are the heater hoses. Over time these hoses will get hard and brittle and can crack or break at the worst possible times. They are easy to replace and a lot cheaper to do so at a time and place of your choosing.3.In even the worst weather you need to have good windshield wipers. Unfortunately wiper blades are like a leaking roof, you only think about them when it rains. I recommend replacing wiper blades every year, preferably just before winter hits.4) DIY: Replace Your Timing Belt The purpose of a timing belt is to provide a quiet, flexible connection between the camshaft and crankshaft to keep the valves opening and closing in phase with the movement of the pistons. If they break at a time of their own cgoosing, severe engine damage could result. It is much cheaper and easier to replace it at the recommended intervals.5) DIY: How to Change Your Spark PlugsSpark plugs are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. They are what ignites the air/fuel mixture that gives you the power you need when you need it. As they get old they wear out and can start to misfire, causing power loss or engine stalling. 6) DIY: Repairing Paint ChipsNow maybe this doesn’t sound important, but it could save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in repairs. A paint chip exposes the bare metal under the paint. Once this happens water, road salt and acids can start rotting out the metal and left unrepaired, leave big holes in the sheet metal.7) DIY: Winterizing Your CarThis is an important PM job in that it assures you your vehicle is ready for the coldest winter. I recommend replacing the coolant every two years and checking the heater and radiator hoses at the same time.