Oil Choices

Once again I return to the subject of oil. As it is the most important of all the fluids in a vehicle, some will say brake fluid is. I don’t think we can learn about it or discuss it too much. As I have said before every tech has their own preference as to brand or type.For a time I have been against using synthetic oil, just could not leave my oil alone, now I am having my oil changed and I am using synthetic in all but my convertible. I put on two few miles to justify the expense and it is never driven in cold weather. I have purchased a truck recently and a car for my wife last fall and they both used synthetic oil so I am going to stick with it. Synthetic oil major advantage is that it lessens wear on startup which is the leading cause of engine wear more so on cold starts. The jury is still out on how long I plan on going between changes some sites recommend as high as 100K I know I won’t go that long. One of my vehicles has an oil life indicator I will probably run that 2 cycles and change or about 12K or 6 months and my pickup I will probably change at around 6 months also. Pennzoil has a new synthetic they callPlatinum Plus which sounds OK but they are claiming a complete cleaning of the engine after 2 changes so I would be careful on a high mileage engine. I think I will stick with Mobil one I like the Amzoil but as it is hard to find I am not going to use it.